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Let Keanu Reeves take you on a journey as Dr. Stephen Hawking & Paul Rudd face off in a game of Quantum Chess!
Video made by Caltech's IQIM for the event One Entangled Evening

The Beginning of Quantum Chess

As a game, which I threw together in one month for a final project, it was playable but certainly not fun.  It wasn’t even reminiscent of Chess.  But, it was unique.  And it was interesting enough to attract the attention of Spiros Michalakis at Caltech.  With Spiros’ help I was able to turn the game into something that I consider to be truly special.

Quantum Chess is a game that allows players to interact with a quantum world, in a way that has never been possible before.  It seeks to make quantum phenomena accessible to everyone, and in doing so demystify the quantum world.  Why stop with one game though?  The concepts and techniques I have learned in developing a game that is based on quantum science, and yet is fun and playable as a game in its own right, can be applied to any number of other games.  Richard Feynman is famously quoted as saying, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”  With Quantum Chess, and the games to follow, I seek to change that.

Art Updates Incoming

We're getting a visual update with the help of Game Artists Gavin Rich & Ben Hosac!

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